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  • Venue: Czech Republic, Sicily - Italy, Lithuania, Poland

Our project aims to show our pupils how important is diversity in ordinary life, communication and to accept the responsibility for their own life.


This project focuses on five topics

01Getting to know each other. This is the  introduction to the whole project focused on communication in foreign language and getting to know as much as possible about project partners. The main project activities will be: to set up Erasmus club, to create project logo, to start up International Dictionary and to introduce each other by multimedia presentation. The main outcome will be the project logo, merchandised products and presentation.

02Helping our planet. It aims: to deepen young people´s knowledge of enviromental and ecolocgical issues, i.e. to understand basic information about weather and acid rain. The project activities will include 2 main research activities with one year duration – Weather and Acid rain, poster competition on Weather and video or multimedia presentation - Weather forecast.  The main outcomes will be  Acid rain research and Weather research summary, poster and video or presentation.

03Helping the local community. It aims to encourage pupils: to continue with waste-separation, to gain better knowledge of their surrounding and greenery, to learn how to create handmade herbal. During this part school project day - Earth day is going to take place. Considering this part, the main outcomes will be handmade Herbal , multimedia presentation - "Recycling at our school and in our town" and a project day report.  

04Helping each other. It aims: to learn respect and help  each other, to accept disabled people as a normal part of ordinary life, to learn how to cooperate in different age groups. During this part project day "Let´s help each other" is going to take place. Considering this part, the main outcomes will be poster - "Let´s help each other " and  school project day report.

05Helping myself. It aims: to show what healthy lifestyle means and what advanteges it can bring to our body and mind , give  advice how to feel good and live satisfactory life. During the fifth part project day " My active day" is going to take place. Considering this part, the main outcomes will be poster - "10 rules of well-being" and a  school project day report.

All parts are very interconnected and suitable for different age groups. Basic terms and vocabulary related to each part will be written in each language in Project International Dictionary. After each semi-term there will be  Bulletin published which is going summarize all project activities from past semi-term. All project parts contain cross-curiculum lessons connected with the actual project topic. The main outcome created for these lessons are going to be worksheets reusable in the future. Important outcome from each project part is also school questionnaire for each project topic as a tool used for basic evaluation. Each important project result will be a part of the project photobook and of planning project calendar. The project results could be used as  CLIL materials and also as  enrichment in different subjects at the same time. We strongly aim to use cross curricular relations. We also belive to show our pupils the atractivity of technical education by involvement in school project research – Weather and Acid Rain.

All results of all project activities and mobilities will be stored for long term on the project website to ensure sustainability and be prepared for futher use.

We will focus on exchanging information and views with our partners in order to find the most effective ways for improvement in all above mentioned areas. Results and outcomes will be further disseminated in our schools, local communities and by doing so in each partner school, the project will have international impact. 

The project brings together 4 partners from different parts of Europe selected according to their similar thematic interest:

  • the Czech Republic, elementary school , the main coordinator
  • Lithuania, Kedainiu, Kedainiu specialioji mokykla - elementary school for children with special needs, partner
  • Italy, Naro, Istituto Comprensivo Statale San Giovanni Bosco – elementary school, partner
  • Poland, Poznaň, Gimnazjum nr 6 – secondary school, partner

Stakeholders  involve people: of different generations (teachers, pupils, parents, local community members), from various social and educational backgrounds, of different opinions and views, different cultures,  ranging from  diverse abilities to special needs, with different habits and traditions, speaking different languages . This diversity is quite crucial and  besides other things it will teach all stakeholders: to raise awareness  and respect difference, reinforce the European dimension of taking care of the environment and our health and promote language education.

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