A4 – Organizing school notice boards containing all important project information.

Event Date 09-26-2016
Event End Date 09-30-2016

Our school organized Erasmus Project Day in which teachers helped pupils to explore some fundamental facts about fauna, flora, history and geography of our project partners. The pupils participated in various workshops and the outcomes (such as plastic maps, historical outlines, models, flags, etc.) were placed on the project noticeboards.

Event Date 10-21-2016
Event End Date 10-21-2016

Each school is going to choose three best logos  from students´ designs.

The project logo will be chosen from the best logos designed by pupils in each partner school. It will be done by international voting. The project logo will be used in all other project results and it will be  also used to decorate the project products.

Event Date 11-02-2016
Event End Date 11-03-2016

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