Czech Republic

Czech republic

Základní škola Holice, Komenského 100, okres Pardubice

Our school is located in a small town called Holice, in the eastern part of Bohemia. We have 9 grades for children from the age of 6 to the age of 15. There are 360 pupils in 18 classes and 25 teachers this school year. Most of the children come from Holice or small villages situated nearby.

We are a typical elementary school, providing quality education to all pupils, including pupils with special needs, according to our school educational system called „School for all“. We also integrate many children with ADHD. All integrated students have individualized educational programmes.

Our school participates in many different long-lasting projects and international cooperation. We have already taken a part in a Comenius project. It was called "Green, healthy and sporty" and it finished in 2014.

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