A9 - Ordinary lesson based on the project topic - Part 1 - Our Erasmus project

These lessons will be cross-curricular and will be led by teachers and members of Erasmus Club. Worksheets based  on the specific project topic will be prepared.


Lithuanian pupils participated in workshops aiming to cover the fundamental information about each partner country. Please have a look.

 Czech Republick WORKSHOP  Poland WORKSHOP 2  Italy WORKSHOP  ITALY



Polish students working on the Erasmus project during the ordinary lesson. See the photos:



 Italy Ordinary Lesson part 1


Czech Republic

 A9 - Czech Republic



A7 - International dictionary - Part 1 - Getting to know each other

International dictionary will be divided into 5 parts. The first part is called “Getting to know each other”. Polish partner is in charge of creating this part and it should consist of ten words/phrases that will be afterwards translated into other partners´ languages and stored on the project website. Poland will also make 3 handmade versions of the first dictionary part and send one version to each patner school.

The first part of the international dictionary contains ten phrases on topic "Getting to know each other". Here they are:

 Getting to know phrases 


M1 – The first coordinators´ meeting

All coordinators are going to meet face to face. This time in Holice in the Czech Republic. The main coordinator (the Czech Republic) is going to chair the meeting and is planning to inform the partner schools about the project development so far, about the upcoming project work and also to help partners to overcome difficulties if there are some.


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